Non Foundry is an independent foundry that offers custom fonts, retail fonts, research and consulting. Non's goal is to provide versatile fonts for a variety of uses, from functional to decorative. All our typefaces have print and web licenses and are available through our website.


If your inquiry relates to one of our font licenses, about a custom typeface commission, student discounts or any further specific query, please contact Jona.
Our office is currently located at Monterrey, México.
Opening hours, (CT) Mon—Fri at 9:00—18:00


The licensing for desktop, 1–3 users are based on the number of users that are usingthe typefaces and comes as .OTF format.

The licensing for web, 50K MUV is a one time purchase based on the stimated numberpage views. When purchasing our Web License you will receive the typeface(s) in .WOFF, .WOFF2 and .TTF format.

The App Licensing is tied to the number of computers used to design and develop your apps. App fonts are delivered in .OTF format. Upon request by email, we also happily offer .TTF files.

Featured & Selected Press

Typodarium 2021 (Verlag Hermann Schmidt), Typodarium 2022 (Verlag Hermann Schmidt), Yearbook 2022/23 (Slanted Publishers). Meeting Nuance w/Functionality (Type01), Meet Non Foundry (Typehelpers), Meeting Non Odd (North East), The State of Print Exhibition (Fable & Design Singapore Council).

Custom Fonts

We collaborate with agencies, designers and brands, and offer custom type work ranging from individual logotypes to full type families. As well as customization of our existing typefaces and adding of language extensions.

Trial Fonts

Please note that you can only use these fonts for mockups, as specified in the Trial Fonts EULA. Download our trial font library to be able to try them out before buying.

Download Test Fonts︎︎︎


All prices on our site are in US Dollars. All payments are via PayPal. As a general policy, we do not offer any discounts on our licensing beyond the multi-license, family and student discounts offered in our shop.

Last Update: March, 2023

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