What is a font licence?

Fonts are software that you must purchase licensing for. A font licence gives you the right to use a font in certain, specified ways. You do not own the font itself. The Font Licence specifies the terms and conditions of use and, once you finalise the purchase of the licence, is a legally binding contract between you and Non Foundry. We offer licensing types for any use, and each of those licensing types can be purchased in multiple sizes depending on your requirements.

It’s important that you read and understand the applicable font licence terms before making a purchase with us.


What licenses do you offer?

We have three main licensing types: Purchase Desktop licensing to use our fonts on your computer to create images and documents for print and on screen. Desktop licensing is calculated per computer the files are installed on within a single organisation.

Web licensing is calculated by the maximum of unique monthly visitors to the website. And lastly, we have App licensing for using our fonts directly in your mobile and desktop apps. App licensing is calculated by the numbers of developers working on your apps.

If your use case is not included please contact us to discuss.


We offer trial fonts?

We offer all of our typefaces as trial fonts so that you can test them in your designs before buying any licensing. The trial fonts contain only a minimal character set and lack all the OpenType features available in the retail versions.


We offer student discount?

The education matters. We believe that students should be able to use fonts that are of high quality.
We offer a 50% student discount on all fonts in our library when purchased via this website. Get in touch by email from a school address and/or with a proof of studentship to claim this benefit.

By the way, this is a real license you're getting: allowing you to work on personal & commercial projects alike. This validation will last for a whole year, after that any fonts you purchased will have its license transform into a "Freelance" license. Keep us posted with your works!

Last Update: March, 2023

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