“The relationship between functionality
and aesthetics.”

Non Foundry is a type foundry that originated sometime in 2019 in Monterrey, Mexico.Since then our fundamental philosophy is "aesthetics+functionality". Our typefaces combine these two attributes plus historical knowledge to convey meaning that transcends beyond words. Our retail catalog includes extravagant and large display fonts, as well as typeface families for a wide range of uses. They can be purchased under different licenses for use in physical and digital applications.

Non Foundry's main work is typography, but it's a bit out of our scope as designers, (yes, we are graphic designers) we can also collaborate with agencies, freelance designers and brands... we offer custom typographic work ranging from individual logos to entire families. In addition, we can customize our existing typefaces, and/or add linguistic extensions.

Opening hours, (CT) Mon – Fri at 9:00 – 18:00

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Besides offering retail typefaces, we’re also a service provider. From customizing our existing typefaces to producing language extensions to drawing custom families for global brands to creating original wordmarks, we develop wide-ranging, type-focused projects tailored to our clients’ precise specifications.


  • Typodarium 2021, Verlag Hermann Schmidt
  • Typodarium 2022, Verlag Hermann Schmidt
  • Typodarium 2024, Verlag Hermann Schmidt
  • Typodarium 2025, Verlag Hermann Schmidt
  • Yearbook of Type #6, Slanted Publishers
  • Meeting Nuance w/Functionality, Type01
  • The relationship between functionality and aesthetics, Typehelpers
  • Meeting Non Odd, North East
  • The State of Print Exhibition, Design Singapore Council & Fable Studio


The licensing for Desktop, 1–3 users are based on the number of users that are usingthe typefaces and comes as .OTF format.

The licensing for Web, 50K MUV is a one time purchase based on the stimated numberpage views. When purchasing our Web License you will receive the typeface(s) in .WOFF, .WOFF2 and .TTF format.

The App Licensing is tied to the number of computers used to design and develop your apps. App fonts are delivered in .OTF format. Upon request by email, we also happily offer .TTF files.

Trial Fonts

Try out our fonts – for free.
Our trial fonts allow you to use the fonts for mockups in all your favorite design apps.


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