Are you a student, teacher, or you work in any other position at an educational institution or non-profit organisation?

The education matters. We believe that students should be able to use fonts that are of high quality.  We offer a 50% student discount on all fonts in our library when purchased via this website.
Get in touch by email from a school address and/or with a proof of studentship to claim this benefit.
By the way, this is a real license you're getting: allowing you to work on personal & commercial projects alike. This validation will last for a whole year, after that any fonts you purchased will have its license transform into a "Freelance" license. Keep us posted with your works!

As well, our type-foundry supports important activities. Feel free to get in touch regarding any typeface, discount or collaboration.

↳ Students

↳ Cultural institutions or Festivals

↳ Educational Institutions

↳ Non-profit organisations and Charity

↳ Social responsibility

↳ Sustainability

Does Non Foundry offer internships?

We are currently a small foundry, and as much as we would like to welcome and support you in your beginnings in the world of typography, we do not have the capacity to take on interns. If at some point we open this position we will let you know. We are sorry.

Last Update: March, 2023

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