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Lin Dan / Yonex

Designed by:
Monopo London

In the summer of 2020, legendary badminton player Lin Dan announced his retirement from the Chinese national badminton team. Yonex and monopo teamed up to create a tribute campaign and website.

Yonex - global market leader in badminton and longtime Lin Dan sponsor - understood the significance of this moment. The brand wanted to leverage it as an opportunity to rally a community that had been forced away from the sport they love during the pandemic.

The brief: create a moment for the badminton community to come together again, through their joint love and respect for Lin Dan.

Inspired by the title of Lin Dan’s autobiography - The memories we shared shall continue until the end of the world -, monopo London devised a social media campaign that invites Lin Dan fans to share the memories they have of Lin Dan’s career. The times they met him, saw him play or were inspired by his actions. We wanted to give fans a cathartic moment. A moment for the community to unite through nostalgia.

Last Update: March, 2023

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