Available in 10 styles

Years of Production: 2019/2022

Non Sans is a ‘Grotesque’ sans serif typeface.
It was created in 2019, Jona's design emphasized in a typeface dense, sturdy appearance and legit text block. Again can you see the Swiss design inspiration of the early 1960s.

With this new revision (2022) has a more unified set of heights and widths, plus includes an italic version where they function optimally. The typeface it's a more contemporary, the shapes of the characters appear better spaced and more legible, even on small electronic devices.

Available in 09 styles
Years of Production : 2020/2021

Non Natural it’s a sans serif typography with subtle details that endow the typeface a distinctive personality. The objective was to create a typeface with legibility and good contrast between black and white  making it suitable for different sizes.

The typeface has specific features that help in reading and reproduction, the ink traps are just the right size for the text to be functional.
The geometric shapes and structure reflect the inspiration and influenced of mid century Swiss Typography.

Non Natural moves among the vast historical material that shaped modern typography, combining contemporary details with classic styles.

Available in 06 styles
Years of Production: 2020/2021

Non Boek Display is a clear and expressive serif with characteristics of the classic Italian genre but adapted to a contemporary aesthetic with clear and stylistic composition that is best expressed in large sizes.

The optical function handles a versatility in different functions such as arts, editorial, branding and many media, from sheets of paper in wide or vertical format, to screens of different sizes.

Available in 02 styles

Years of Production: 2019

Non Ophélie Display is a stylistic and modern serif typeface.
High contrast between thick and thin strokes makes it perfect to be used at different text sizes.

Available in 03 styles

Years of Production: 2019

Non Odd is an exploration with cut serifs, high contrasts between elements of the same glyph. Contrast serif typefaces are unusual but functional; Odd began with an influence from Albertus (Monotype, 1940) who over time took on his own personality and evolved with more contemporary details.

The minimalist touch is meant to be a timeless typeface, never trendy, always functional, each typeface contains different features.

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